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Application of High Speed Mixer in Medicine


High speed mixer is an essential equipment in pharmaceutical industry. Due to the particularity of pharmaceutical industry, its mixing performance has put forward more and higher requirements for equipment. Many forms of mixing equipment used at present have their own advantages and uses.

As we all know, the nature of the pharmaceutical industry is relatively special, the quality of pharmaceutical equipment is also very high requirements, any link error may lead to drug quality problems, lead to serious consequences.

High speed mixer is suitable for pharmaceutical industry:

According to foreign advanced technology carefully developed, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. Gravity mixing, small pressure feed to the material, high mixing uniformity, low power consumption, vacuum suction and sealing butterfly valve discharge convenient cleaning, using vacuum butterfly valve discharge, no leakage and dust flying.

High speed mixer is suitable for mixing powder particles with good material fluidity and small physical property difference, as well as mixing degree requirements are not high and the mixing time is short, because the material flow in the high speed mixer container is smooth, will not destroy the shape of the material, so the pharmaceutical industry special high speed mixer is also suitable for the mixing of granular materials that are easy to break and wear. Or fine powder, lumps, materials containing some moisture.

On the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, the technical staff independently developed new mixing equipment, the equipment with its excellent structure, reasonable design concept, fine processing technology, in plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, dye, food, daily chemical industry is widely used in a variety of materials mixing, mixing, drying, coloring and other processes.

High speed mixer is used in the pharmaceutical industry for mixing paste materials, so that different materials mix evenly, and in the process of mixing does not produce material dissolution, volatilization or deterioration.