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How is the Noise of the Mixer Generated?


How the noise of the mixer is generated?

According to the process requirements, a jacket can be added outside the LDH pear knife mixer barrel to cool or heat the material by injecting hot and cold media into the jacket; Generally, industrial water is pumped for cooling, and steam or electric heat transfer oil can be pumped for heating.

The two asymmetric spirals in the cylinder of the double-cone high-speed mixer lift the material upward, and the rotating arm rotates slowly; Make the materials outside the screw enter the stud in different degrees, so as to achieve the continuous renewal and diffusion of the materials in the whole circumference.

The two materials mentioned above converge to the central cavity to form a downward material flow, which supplements the gap at the bottom, thus forming the triple mixing effect of convection circulation. The double-cone mixer is widely used in chemical industry, pesticides, dyes, food, feed, building materials Mixing of rare earth powder and powder (solid liquid). The measurement of rotational speed adopts non-contact tachometer to measure the rotational speed of the main shaft. The measuring point shall be on the output shaft of the reducer, the main shaft or the parts and components rigidly connected with the main shaft. The measuring point of the bearing temperature is at the central plane of the bearing shell. Generally, the temperature of the bearing is measured directly.

If the bearing temperature cannot be measured directly, measure the temperature at the bearing oil filling hole or the bearing seat surface, and measure it after the bearing temperature rise is stable or the mixer has been running continuously for not less than 2 hours. The measuring instrument is a point thermometer.