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How to check the mixing quality of the mixer?


Mixers are not unfamiliar to us. At present, we can see the shape of mixers in many fields. Mixers mainly use physical gravity and mechanical action to complete the entire workflow, help to complete the mixing and mixing of a variety of materials for processing and use of a mechanical equipment. And users who have used the mixer will know that in the mixing process, the mixer can add other materials according to the material situation to help achieve better response, which is also a favorite aspect of many users.

However, it should be noted that different types and power of mixers will lead to different mixing quality, so how to check the mixing quality of mixers has always been a concern of users. In fact, this is not difficult. The simplest aspect is to observe the properties and dispersion of mixed carbon black by observation. In the process of processing, you can choose to use a carbon black cross-section to cut, use a microscope or a magnifying glass to observe whether the dispersion of carbon black meets the standard. If not, how long will it take to mix in order to formulate the next mixing side? This method first appeared in the United States and is currently the most widely used test method.

In addition, many uncontrollable factors, such as physical factors, ambiguous rating and so on, are avoided in the process of selecting the above methods to detect mixer mixing quality. Of course, if the technical conditions require, it can also be measured by observing the aggregate area on the surface of carbon black mixture, and the quality grade can be evaluated by counting. Therefore, it can be seen that this method requires a higher degree of accuracy, cost, and difficulty than others.