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Installation of PVC Mixing System


PVC mixing system unit and electric control box are respectively installed on the cement foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.

The resistance heating coil used for heating the mixer is evenly transmitted to the pot through the high burning point mechanical oil in the heating jacket, and the power line is connected through the underground protective tube.

The PVC mixing system is cooled by water, and the cooling ring is uniform through cooling water through the jacket.

Before the mechanical test run, carefully check whether the power supply, air supply, etc. connected are consistent with the requirements of the machine. All parts and components are installed completely. Check the circuit connected during installation according to the circuit diagram. All lubricating points shall be filled with the specified lubricating oil (grease), and the anti rust oil at all parts of the machine shall be wiped off.

The mixer shall start to run from the no-load start, and then carry out the load test run. Check whether the pot cover safety limit switch and the pneumatic part are normal, and whether the discharge door is properly opened and closed. After the test run, it can be put into operation.

Once the machine is used, if it is not used for a short time, the inner wall of the pot and the mixing slurry should be carefully wiped. If it is not used for a long time, it should be coated with anti rust oil.