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SRL-W Heating / Cooling Mixer Combination
SRL-W Heating Cooling Mixer Combination
Detailed description



All important pares (bowl, mixing tool, contorl cabinet) are manufactured in our company, which ensure the quality of machine.
All material in contact with product is in SS304 or aluminum alloy and the product will not be contaminated.
High cooling efficiency, short mixing time, easy and convenient to clean, and can reach high output.Improved cooling efficiency and reduced water consumption.
Mixing tool can be designed according to different application.
Mixing tool coated with wear-resistant material, which can increase service life and past dynamic and static balance test, running smoothly.
Rapid, perfect after-sales service.

SRL-W Heating / Cooling Mixer Combination


Suitable for plastics, rubber, chemical and food industry, for powder or granulate material blending,coloring and drying. Typical application includes: Production of PVC dry blend, filling and modification of plastics, pre-mixing of compounding process and premix of Wood-Plastic Composites.

Detailed description
Type Capacity(L) Effective Capacity(L) Paddle Speed(rpm) Motor(kw) Gases Consumption (m3/min) Discharge Method Weight(T) Mixing Time m/p.pot
Heat Cool
SRL-W500/2000 500/1000 375/1200 430/860-80 55/75-18.5 ≤0.6 Manual/automatic 7.7 8-10 6-8
SRL-W800/2500 800/2500 560/1024 357/714-80 83/110-22 ≤0.6 Manual/automatic 8.3 8-12 6-10
SRL-W1000/3500 1000/3500 700/2000 325/650-80 110/160-37 ≤0.7 Manual/automatic 11 8-12 6-10
SRL-W1300/4500 1300/4500 910/2450 300/600-60 132/200-37 ≤0.7 Manual/automatic 12.5 8-12 6-10
SRL-W2000/6000 2000/6000 1450/3900 300/50-50 250/315-55 ≤0.8 Manual/automatic 15 8-12

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