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What are the main aspects of the mixer?


Mixer is a kind of equipment which uses its own mechanical power and gravity to mix materials. It has the advantages of advanced equipment, reasonable design, high mixing quality and low energy consumption. It not only guarantees the mixing quality, but also improves the working efficiency. Relying on the principle of rotation and rotation of the helix, support the work of translation, advance and multi-direction.

Horizontal twin-axle screw-belt mixer, compared with double-cone mixer, depends on two axes to realize the rotation of materials in different directions. Clockwise motion cooperates with counter-clockwise motion, which promotes the full mixing of materials, saves operation time and guarantees quality.

The working principle of the mixer is mainly related to its own design characteristics. The main body of the mixer mainly includes four aspects, and the structure depends on the mixing barrel. Don’t underestimate the mixing barrel. The normal operation of the mixer is precisely due to the dynamic role of the mixing barrel. This kind of mixing drum is double conical. Before the mixer starts to run, it keeps the vacuum state. After starting, it continuously pressurizes and heats the mixing drum. When the pressure and temperature reach a certain level, adding material, it can depend on its own function to run the material, realize the full mixing and drying of the material and so on.

It can be seen that the main working principle and process of the mixer still depends on the unique design. Considering the different needs of different industries, and on this basis, we have developed a variety of different models, which have different characteristics, including gas mixer, powder mixer, solid mixer, liquid mixer and so on. Among them, the mixer is sealed in the operation process, using stainless steel materials, there will be no fusion of thermal substances, affecting the mixing quality.