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What is the Mixing Time of the Horizontal Mixer?


The horizontal mixer has a high speed, with a mixing time of 0.5-2.5 minutes per batch, high mixing uniformity, and a coefficient of variation cv of less than 5% (minimum addition of 2 ppm). Materials with large differences in physical properties such as specific gravity, particle size, and shape are not prone to segregation when mixed.

The range of liquid addition amounts is wide, with a maximum addition amount of up to 20% and a grease addition amount of up to 10%. The filling factor can vary from 40% to 140%. The power consumption per ton of material is low, about 60% lower than that of ordinary horizontal screw belt mixers.

The bomb compartment type discharge door has a fast discharge speed (5S) and no residue. The trial range is wide, horizontal mixernot only applicable to the feed industry, but also applicable to feed additives, chemicals, Yiyao, pesticides, fuel and food industries. Power supplies, switches, and wires should be securely insulated to facilitate containment. Do not use fuses or fuses that do not match the additional electrical current of the unit.

7.5 The above electromechanical devices must be equipped with overload protection devices. Empty machine (without load) searches for mechanical and electrical tampering. The motor should be tampered with in the direction specified by the arrow on the label, otherwise the machine may be damaged or defective. If the steering direction is incorrect, any two arrow positions of the motor can be adjusted.